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Any other CPD fans in Alaska?

PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 5:56 pm
by spiderlady
Hi from Alaska!!
I'm new to fish/plant keeping and I've just set up a 55 gal planted tank a few months ago. I'm hoping to get some CPDs in there, as well as some more/different plants, but I can't find anything I need up here in Fairbanks (Petco has very limited selection of plants/fish and most plants are unlabeled!). Is there anyone else on this forum from AK with CPDs? If so, where did you get them? Is ordering online reliable to AK? Worth it? I'm really hoping to find someone within AK who breeds them to send me a few so the little dears don't have to travel so far. I also would like to get a bunch of Jungle Val for my tank if anyone knows a good place not too far that can ship to Fairbanks?? Thanks and hello to everyone even if you're not from AK!! Any advice would be appreciated!! :D