Private breeders Northwest England

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Private breeders Northwest England

Postby BOB-WORTHY » Wed Sep 09, 2009 6:55 am


I was looking for breeders of the Celestial Pearl Danio/Galaxy rasbore in the Northwest who have some stock for sale so I can start breeding, preferably 2 breeders so I can mix my stock. My preference is from a breeder but a LFS would be OK if a breeder is unable to help.

Bit of background about myself

Main tank 300ltr Juwel here I keep a wide community of fish. Gouramis, barbs,angels,Rams,Corys,otos,keyholes,Plecos,PupleEmporer/Red Eye/Congo Tetras etc

SecondTank: 35 Ltr Danios,neons,Harlequins,Bristlenose

Second Tank: 35 Ltr Empty awaiting Celestial Pearl Danio/Galaxys

I have pics of my tank to show the time and care I put into the hobby but unable to attach.

Please contact me.

Best Regards and thanks in adavance

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