Kordon Breathing Bags

Commercial sources for this fish.

Kordon Breathing Bags

Postby OrionsBelt » Tue Feb 05, 2008 11:06 am

Hi people! It's a little of topic, but still related, seeing as we're now encouraged to only buy captive breed CPD's, and forums seem to be the best way of sourcing them, some of you might have heard of and/or be interested in Kordon breathing bags - If you've never heard about them PM me and i'll bore you to tears about them!), anyway, i've started importing and selling bags if your interested - they are listed on ebay, but i have listed them cheaper on my website for them - http://www.wysiwygaquatics.co.uk

(Mods/Admin - If this post is unacceptable can we discuss - i'm not sure who I should be contacting myself to initiate the discussion!)
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