mating at lunch!

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mating at lunch!

Postby Radcliffe » Mon Mar 30, 2009 2:24 pm

Yes, the shock and horror! (hee hee)

My Celestial Pearl Danios are mating! Hooray for baby fish! Well so far just hooray for seeing them do the dance, have the male wrap around the female and seeing a little egg!

I don't know how my local fish store got these lovely little fish in sock, but they were there and so I didn't resist. My goal is to breed them and have a tank full! I have 5 now and they are mating! Whee!

Should I ever get to the state of having too many, I will share them locally or possibly even trade them back to the fish store. I have read several articles recommending that if these rare little fish are found in stores, to please breed and share them in the community.

They weren't that expensive, 5 for about $15 total. I am in the midwest, USA.

Here is a photo of part of their tank-
They are sharing a 20 gallon with a swordtail, 2 ottos, and 3 cardinal tetras.

So yay! I am excited, and took this as a sign to join the community rather than lurking :-)
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