New CPD aquarium journal

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New CPD aquarium journal

Postby Kazonak » Thu Dec 05, 2013 8:36 pm

Hi every one!
I have been able to acquire some CPD’s, finally! These small fish aren’t the easiest to find, however I managed it! There is a small private pet store that can order them from somewhere and she was able to get about eight for me! But these little stinkers aren’t cheap! The whole lot of them were priced at about $50!
They are quite pretty though, even while not colored up they are very interesting! I love to what these timid little thing swim about, innocent of their goliath watcher. Their little orange fins flitting around their tank so effortlessly, so carelessly, till an unsuspecting enemy comes too close. Then they all retreat behind their mini forest of swaying aquarium plants in the dim wavy light of small led bulbs.
My setup is a rimmed glass aquarium, 10 gal, with tan gravel mix, on the bottom, and a pile of white stones in the corner. Out of these stones sprouts a branchy tree limb, crested with java fern. The Background is filled with various aquatic plants.
The aquarium is a community tank, so these fish are paired up with multiple species of fish. These fish include Golden white cloud minnows, some type of cory cat, and an algae eater. I originally wanted an Oco. Catfish instead of an algae eater but prices were unavoidable. So, I was forced to settle with an algae eater.
Originally, I wanted to set up the tank with black substrate, and black rocks. And banana plants randomly growing amass a field of glossostigma , with flame moss covering the branches, but beggars can’t be choosers.
The equipment I use is simple, nothing but a cheap whisperer filter and heater, and a DIY co2 generator and diffusor. All and all it is still a pretty addition to my collection of tanks.
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