The Celestial Pearl Danio originates from the country of Myanmar. The general location is near the city of Ho Pong not far from Taungyi, capital of Southern Shan State. This is a mountainous region where the elevation ranges from just over a half mile to nearly a mile above sea level.


CPD native location



Mr. Tin Win of the Hein Aquarium visited the area and reports the water where these fish are found is crystal clear with a pH of 7.3 and the conductivity of 250 micro siemen. The pond bottom is covered with sand. The area is mostly grassland and rice paddies, so the ponds are open to the sun and filled with a rich variety of aquatic plants.


Photo of pond bottom


Being in a mountainous region, the local weather conditions range from warm and pleasant in the summer months with temperatures near 95F to cold, damp, and miserable with temperatures near freezing during the rainy season.


After some initial scare about the fish being over-harvested and endangered in the wild, a party of 10 officials from the Department of Fisheries and the Myanmar Fishery Federation conducted a survey and found the fish at five locations around Ho Pong.